CA FILMS use a polymer technology capable of providing different package permeabilites, in order to create specific oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in a package and maintain this optimum atmosphere, even as the temperature is changing. These optimum atmospheres for various fresh fruits and vegetables have been established based upon extensive research conducted at UC Davis, Post Harvest Technology, Research and Information Center. The optimum atmospheres and other relevant information for Cut Flowers have been based upon research information available from the Chain of Life Network.

As the produce, fruit, vegetable, cut flowers consumes oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide; an equilibrium gas concentration is established in the package (either a bag or a box). This process is a function of the polymer permeability and its carbon dioxide to oxygen selectivity ratio. Thus the created atmosphere is able to extend shelf life, maintain high quality and preserve nutrients of fresh produce items by naturally regulating respiration of said items.

High Value FF&V will be packaged using the CA FILMS based technology, at their recommended temperatures. No changes to current handling procedures for FF&V are required to take advantage of this technology. Each type of FF&V requires a different polymer to optimize the shelf life. The unique nature of CA FILMS is neither any special equipment, nor the need for gassing is required for the CA FILMS implementation.