Chandra Associates was founded by Shubham Chandra in September 2005 after 6-plus years of service at Arthur D. Little, Inc. and its successor company, ICF Consulting Inc., to provide product development and technical consulting services to defense, corporate and government clients in the refrigeration, agro-technology, energy, appliance, and consumer product industries. We provide Agro-Technology based consulting solutions, and help our clients achieve shelf life extensions for fruits and vegetables and vase life extensions for cut flower using our CA Films based Products.

Chandra Associates provides business-driven, technical consulting services to enhance your new product development. CA advises companies and government agencies on strategic, market, and technology issues related to technical or management support for product development and package design energy systems, consumer `products, and appliances.

We help our clients leverage technology to gain competitive advantage through product development, technology evaluation, and market assessment. We work with fresh fruits and vegetables shelf life extensions, handling and storage protocols, consumer products, HVAC equipment, design, fabrication and testing of refrigerated containers, and test and evaluation of ethylene control devices.

Trademark and Patent information

a. Trademark Issued for CA FILMS: If it tasted any fresher it would still be on a tree, Serial Number 77/409201

b. Patents

–  U.S. Patent issued for CA FILMS, Patent Number 7,772,139

–  U.S. Patent issued for Stove Apparatus, Patent Number 7,380,548

         –  U.S. Patent issued for SHELF LIFE EXTENDING CONTAINER, Patent Number 8, 367, 567