• Cut Roses extended to 28 + days
  • Gerbera extended to 20 days
  • Gladioli extended to 20 days
  • Bananas (not treated with ethylene) extended to 27 + days
  • Corn extended to 21 days
  • Bananas (treated with ethylene) extended to 16 + days
  • Mango/Alphonso extended to 22 days
  • Baiganpally extended to 28 days
  • Ice berg Lettuce extended to 32 days

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Notre Dame Bowl Agreement

The historic Notre Dame Fighting Irish have reached a bowl game agreement with the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The announcement was made on July 27, 2021, and Notre Dame is set to play in the Duke`s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, if the Fighting Irish do not qualify for a New Year`s Six bowl game.

This agreement marks a significant shift in Notre Dame`s football scheduling as the team has historically been an independent in football. However, in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a conference-only schedule for the ACC, and Notre Dame joined the conference as a temporary member. The Fighting Irish excelled in their temporary conference, winning the ACC Championship and making the College Football Playoffs.

The agreement enables Notre Dame to have a guaranteed spot in an ACC-affiliated bowl game if they do not qualify for the New Year`s Six bowl games. This opportunity provides stability for Notre Dame`s postseason and eliminates some of the uncertainty that comes with being an independent program.

The Duke`s Mayo Bowl is an exciting destination for Notre Dame football fans. The bowl game is held annually in Bank of America Stadium, the home of the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina. The game draws a large crowd and is broadcast nationally on ESPN.

The Fighting Irish have a rich football history, including being crowned National Champions 13 times and producing seven Heisman Trophy winners, and this new agreement only adds to their storied legacy. While Notre Dame will continue to play a majority of their remaining games as an independent, the opportunity to play in the ACC and secure a bowl game in Charlotte is just another step in the evolution of one of college football`s most iconic programs.

In conclusion, the Notre Dame bowl agreement with the ACC is a remarkable development for college football. It provides stability and certainty for Notre Dame`s postseason, while also giving the Fighting Irish a chance to compete in a well-respected bowl game. Notre Dame has a long and storied football history that has been bolstered by this agreement, and Notre Dame fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the team`s first appearance in the Duke`s Mayo Bowl.

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