• Cut Roses extended to 28 + days
  • Gerbera extended to 20 days
  • Gladioli extended to 20 days
  • Bananas (not treated with ethylene) extended to 27 + days
  • Corn extended to 21 days
  • Bananas (treated with ethylene) extended to 16 + days
  • Mango/Alphonso extended to 22 days
  • Baiganpally extended to 28 days
  • Ice berg Lettuce extended to 32 days

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Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreements

Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreements: Understanding the Commitments

As a user of Microsoft 365, you rely on the suite of cloud-based services to run and manage your business operations. But have you ever wondered what level of service you can expect from Microsoft? That`s where the service level agreement (SLA) comes in.

An SLA is a contract between a service provider and a customer, outlining the expectations and commitments in terms of service quality and performance. When it comes to Microsoft 365, understanding the SLA is crucial in managing business continuity and minimizing disruptions.

So, what does Microsoft promise in its SLA for Microsoft 365 services? Let`s take a closer look.

Availability and uptime

One of the critical metrics in Microsoft`s SLA is the service availability and uptime. Microsoft guarantees that all its online services, including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, will be available at least 99.9% of the time. In case of any unplanned outages, Microsoft aims to restore the service within a specific timeframe, depending on the severity of the issue.

Data protection and security

Another key area covered in the SLA is data protection and security. Microsoft is committed to protecting customer data with industry-standard security measures, such as encryption, network security, and access controls. The SLA specifies the level of protection, such as compliance with regional data protection laws and regulations, and regular security audits.

Performance and response time

Microsoft promises a certain level of performance and response time for its online services, such as email delivery and file synchronization. The SLA outlines the expected response time for support requests and the timeframe for resolving issues. Microsoft pledges to provide timely and efficient support to customers through various channels, such as phone, email, and chat.

Service credits and compensation

If Microsoft fails to meet its SLA commitments, customers may be eligible for service credits or compensation. For example, if Microsoft doesn`t meet the guaranteed uptime, customers may receive a credit on their next billing cycle. The SLA specifies the terms and conditions for service credits and compensation.


In summary, the Microsoft 365 SLA is a crucial document that outlines the commitments and expectations for service quality and performance. As a user of Microsoft 365, it`s essential to understand the SLA to ensure business continuity and minimize disruptions. By knowing what Microsoft promises in terms of availability, data protection, performance, and support, you can make informed decisions and hold Microsoft accountable for any service issues.

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