• Cut Roses extended to 28 + days
  • Gerbera extended to 20 days
  • Gladioli extended to 20 days
  • Bananas (not treated with ethylene) extended to 27 + days
  • Corn extended to 21 days
  • Bananas (treated with ethylene) extended to 16 + days
  • Mango/Alphonso extended to 22 days
  • Baiganpally extended to 28 days
  • Ice berg Lettuce extended to 32 days

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  • Agro Technology
  • Product Development
  • Refrigeration
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  • 2012 Lauched New Product Line
  • 2011 Launched Technofresh Agri Solutions, India
  • PRO Institute Des Moines, 2010, Iowa, USA
  • NAFEM Show, 2009, Orlando, USA
  • Post Harvest 2008, Bangalore, India


2010 U.S. Patent issued for CA FILMS, Patent Number 7,772,139

2009 Book in Press to Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce, ISBN:978-0-8138-0416-3



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