• Cut Roses extended to 28 + days
  • Gerbera extended to 20 days
  • Gladioli extended to 20 days
  • Bananas (not treated with ethylene) extended to 27 + days
  • Corn extended to 21 days
  • Bananas (treated with ethylene) extended to 16 + days
  • Mango/Alphonso extended to 22 days
  • Baiganpally extended to 28 days
  • Ice berg Lettuce extended to 32 days

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Shelf testing on Chives (Allium schoenoprasum L.) packaged at Zakinl farms, was conducted, and the shelf life extensions achieved and the product losses  were documented. This report was documented with the following objectives.

Program Objective:
1. To maintain quality and freshness of Chives
2. To prove that designs with CA Film generate a shelf life greater than that of design without films (control in air)
3. To prove an end-to-end solution can be provided from farm to fork using CA FILMS based packaging


Research Available:


Quality Characteristics and Criteria: Herbs should appear fresh and green, with no yellowing, decay, insect damage or mechanical damage. Leaves should be uniform in size. Flavor and aroma should be strong and characteristic of the herb.


Horticultural Maturity Indices: Most herbs for fresh culinary use are best if harvested before flowering. Exceptions are marjoram and oregano (sometimes sold with flower buds) and chive blossoms (sometimes used in salads or as edible garnishes).

Grades, Sizes and Packaging: There are no market grades or sizes for fresh herbs. They are bunched and tied with twist-ties or rubber bands, packaged in plastic bags or clamshell containers, and then packed in corrugated cartons. Perforated polyethylene liners should be used.


Pre-cooling Conditions: Should be cooled to just above 0 °C (32 °F) immediately after harvest.

Two storage temperature protocols were used:


Ambient Protocol Temperature: 30 ° C (86°F)

Cold Chain Protocol Temperature: 6 °C (44 °F)


We have documented shelf life extensions for both these temperature protocols. CA FILMS have allowed us to reduce yellowing and severance of ethylene sensitivity. See Shelf life extension test report.

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  • 2012 Lauched New Product Line
  • 2011 Launched Technofresh Agri Solutions, India
  • PRO Institute Des Moines, 2010, Iowa, USA
  • NAFEM Show, 2009, Orlando, USA
  • Post Harvest 2008, Bangalore, India


2010 U.S. Patent issued for CA FILMS, Patent Number 7,772,139

2009 Book in Press to Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce, ISBN:978-0-8138-0416-3



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